How to dress for a job interview?

A job interview is important for everyone. It can change everything in your life. To be more reliable and feel comfortable, choose special clothing for these occasions. There are rules for males and females that help them in such days. What they have in common, is to dress as simple and clean.

Dress smart

If you’ll have an interview which is most important to you, the key of success is the word “smart”. So, what you need to pay attention is to dress as beautiful, simple and above all, smart. Be sure to choose the clothes that are well cut, very clean and ironed. Wrinkled pants will not only seem to make you the worst dressed, but also will not give a positive impression on others.

Use tie

For males probably most appropriate clothing would be a shirt and a tie. Do not give up the tie. It is an element that will enhance your interview scores. Also use shoes, not sneakers. Preferably, have shiny shoes.

Careful with shirt

If you have chosen to wear pants, in such a day, beauticians and stylists suggest you to place your shirt inside the pants. So, a shirt outside the pants would not look well at all in a job interview. The preferred colors are bright ones, which look more esthetic.

Use belt

It suggested that you use belt too. You appearance will be more neat if you put a belt. But, make sure you buckle it tight in order not to unbuckle. On the contrary you would look funny. You should take a special care to the hair too. They should be definitely washed. You would look good if you would put a little gel. Careful, because if you would put more than needed, you would look like a DJ at the wrong place.

Especially females

Females should dress smart too. Elegant dressing for them would be a formal skirt or pants and a shirt or simple blouse. Try not to be extravagant, you would look ridiculous and not reliable for work. Chest and legs should not be too revealed.


Females should pay a special attention to shoes too. They should be as comfortable, well fasten and not with too high heels, since you wouldn’t like to fall down as soon as you finish your interview. And with high heels, most likely can happen.


You can dress stretched clothes, but careful with the material. It shouldn’t be too excessive in design and styling. A bright colored shirt or jacket would be more than OK.


If you have a long hair, the best would be if you would put up your hair in a regular ponytail style or a simple model. It is advisable to do makeup, but less would be better. You would look more natural and moreover serious.


Use jewelry as less as possible. Don’t forget it is a job interview and not a party you go with friends. They should be as simple and fine. The bag should be well combined with the clothes too, and careful, it should be in as good condition.