Tips to avoid stress at work

  1. Take care about your office or working place as you care for your sleeping room. Would be useful to have vases with red flowers, which is very energetic.
  2. Create good relationships with your colleagues and bosses. Try to speak slowly and less, otherwise you will create more animosity in the work environment.
  3. Learn the art of "disconnection": allowing yourself five minute break after every hour of work will help a lot to refresh your brain and restart work with more energy. Do a walk, call a friend, listen to some music etc. The usefulness of breaks within work time is proved by many studies in this field.
  4. Learn to say No, it is not to refuse to work, but if you have a lot of work hard, you must decide which things are the primary.
  5. You should move more often, in order not to stay for long in the same position. This would cause problems with muscle tension and blood circulation. Do a little sport, stretch the neck and legs and learn it after work to go out and have fun with activities that include physique.
  6. Learn to laugh and make jokes at work. Tell a joke, send and receive e-mails from your friends.
  7. You need to think before you say something important that could offend one of your colleagues. When you are in an embarrassing situation, the silence is the best weapon.
  8. If you have not defined a kind clothing from work, to wear comfortable clothes would help too. It’s not necessary to be all the time pompous, or in the top of the heel cushions, this will make a lot of discomfort.
  9. During your work, try to do any easier physical work; it will help to keep your body in shape.
  10. Always keep a hand cream, to make a simple massage. You will see that you’ll feel much more relaxed.