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Call for Lease Proposal for UN Common Premise

Call for Lease Proposal for UN Common Premise


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Call for Lease Proposal for UN Common Premise

The United Nations Kosovo Team and the Development Coordinator Office in Kosovo announces a call for lease proposal of one building in Pristina to accommodate all UN Agencies in Kosovo and serve as a common premise following the requirements below:


Building location is required to be in Prishtina municipality.


Accessibility for people with disabilities, ramps and or elevators should be constructed/installed or designed

Public transportation should be available, with BUS stop in the proximity to the building

Available parking space for minimum twenty-five (25) official vehicles of all agencies

Space requirements

Minimum office net space is required of 1,400 m2 for UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes.

Gross space required approximately 2,200m2 and beyond which includes proper hygienic conditions such as toilets for male, female and people with disabilities, and should be able to accommodate meeting rooms, storage rooms, server room, interview room, nursery room.

Sustainability Considerations

Good building orientation and shape with proper indoor air quality, thermal comfort, lighting quality

Proper ventilation with advanced air conditioning and heating system

Usage of environmentally friendly materials

Safety and Security Considerations

Stand-off distance – premises should have a sufficient standoff distance from a hardened (fences) perimeter.

Defined perimeter required

Sufficient parking space inside the perimeter.


Premises designed and built in compliance with applicable local laws and building codes and including seismic resistance building standards

The proposal should contain the layout which presents the number of offices with exact square meters, toiletry, meeting rooms, storage rooms and others as well as the site plan with the defined parking space.

For any additional information or clarifications please contact procurement.ks@undp.org

Proposals to be submitted at UN Common Premises Buildings, Zagrebi str. No 58, Pristina

Deadline is extended till 27/03/2020 at 17:30 for submission of proposals (hard copy or CDs/USB).