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Call for Expressions of Interest

Call for Expressions of Interest


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Gjakovë | Gjilan | Obiliq | Podujevë | Prishtinë | Prizren | Shtime

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As an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations, the federally owned Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its development-policy objectives. It provides viable, forward looking solutions for political, economic, ecological and social development in a globalized world. GIZ promotes complex reforms and change processes. Its corporate objective is to improve people’s living conditions on a sustainable basis.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, announces the following: 

Call for Expressions of Interest

The GIZ project “Capacity Development in Basic Education (CDBE)” invites qualified Companies / NGOs / Foundations to submit an expression of interest in providing consultancy services for the “Establishment and Provision of the Integrated Learning Centers Program” in up to 20 Champions Schools in 4 regions covering 7 municipalities: 


Region 1 (6 schools): 

  1. Gjakove / Dakovica (4 schools)
  1. “Zekeria Rexha”
  2. “Selman Riza”
  3. “Emin Duraku”
  4. “Zef Lush Marku” 
  1. Prizren (2 schools)
  1. “Lidhja e Prizrenit”
  2. “Ibrahim Fehmiu” 

Region 2 (4 schools): 

  1. Gjilan / Gnjilane (2 schools)
  1. “Thimi Mitko”
  2. “Zija Shemsiu” 
  1. Shtime / Shtimlje (2 schools)
  1. “Emin Duraku”
  2. “Abdullah Shabani” 

Region 3 (4 schools): 

  1. Obiliq / Obilic (1 schools)
  1. “Ibrahim Rugova” 
  1. Podujeve / Podujevo (3 schools)
  1. “Enver Maloku”
  2. “Xheladin Rekaliu”
  3. “Pavaresia” 

Region 4 (6 schools): 

  1. Prishtine / Pristina (6 schools)
  1. “Nazim Gafurri”
  2. “Pjetër Bogdani”
  3. “Shkolla e Gjelbër”
  4. “Xhemail Mustafa”
  5. “Emin Duraku”
  6. “Asim Vokshi” 


On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), CDBE was commissioned to support the educational reintegration and social inclusion of returnees, ethnic minorities between July 2017 and December 2019. The measures were particularly targeted at the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities as well as children with special learning needs. CDBE supported a concerted support program of up to 30 Learning Centers in up to 14 municipalities, consisting of extracurricular, educational, and psychosocial activities. These activities and measures had a significant impact on the overall students’ participation, on awareness raising among community members, students’ enrolment and their learning progress, as well as their social development in their respective schools and communities. 

In April 2019, CDBE project started its new program phase with the objective to improve the quality and inclusiveness of the basic education through the implementation of the Integrated School Development Approach (ISDA), focusing mainly on 20 Champion Schools. Currently, 4 out of 20 Champion Schools are equipped with Learning Centers (LCs). Thus, the existing 4 LCs need to remain operational and 16 LCs are to be established; also, in the near future schools need to be prepared accordingly so that they can take over and self-manage LCs. In accordance with the Kosovo Education Strategic Plan (KESP) 2017-2021, the Administrative Instruction AI 19/2018 referring to the Establishment and Functioning of Learning Centers was adopted in December 2018. The main objective of the Learning Centers is to develop “the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of children” and improve their participation and performance in school” (AI 19/2018, pp.6). 


The beneficiaries of this prospective measure will be 20-30 regular primary-school students of grades 1-5 who will take part in the offered supplementary classes at each of the 20 Champion Schools’ Learning Centers. As for the extracurricular activities and the summer program, a greater number of school students and parents shall be included.   


The planned timeframe of this measure is: June 2020 – 28th February 2021.

Measures / Activities: 

The following core and additional activities are foreseen to be conducted within this project. However, further activities can be covered within the framework of the Learning Centre Program: 

Inception (mandatory): 

  1. Recruitment / training of tutors / mentors
  2. Procurement of equipment and food and beverages for students
  3. Establishing steering structure
  4. Regular exchanges with respective school
  5. Establishing community mediation structures 

Main LCs Program Activities (mandatory): 

  1. Supplementary classes
  2. Summer program                    
  3. Mediation program
  4. Support of parents  

Additional Activities (Elective):       

  1. Psychosocial support
  2. Awareness-raising activities
  3. Intercultural and recreational activities 

Sustainability (mandatory): 

  1. Supporting schools and MEDs obtaining registration
  2. Facilitating the transitional period and handover to school in self-management of the Learning Centers. 

The checklist below provides further information about the conditions and expectations of GIZ-CDBE. Based on the received responses to this Request for Information, GIZ will pre-select companies / NGOs / foundations that will receive an Inquiry and will be formally invited to submit their offers with detailed specifications. Response to the RFI (Request for Information) does not necessarily imply that your company will receive the GIZ's ToR for “Establishing and Providing Integrated Learning Centers”. 

Based on the outcome of offers, GIZ-CDBE will offer a service contract to the successful company / NGO / foundation. Please note that all correspondence and dealings with GIZ must be submitted in English. 


1)    Proof of company`s / NGO’s / foundation’s legal status (registration and / or certification documentation), organization’s details (name, postal address, bank information etc.)

2)    Organization’s portfolio in the respective field ((a capacity statement (1-2 page) - project management, financial, procurement, logistical, and monitoring profile; references from previous engagements))

3)    Technical expertise, staff involved (CVs of organization’s key personnel)

4)    Description of the Learning Centers Program planned (1-2 page)

5)    Region / area / school coverage ((specify in details organizational capability of establishing and maintaining learning centers through both physical and online modes (1-2 page) and list the schools to be covered)) 

Interested companies / NGOs / foundations are requested to submit their expression of interest in English

The deadline for submitting the application is 03.06.2020. The application must be submitted via email to: procurement.kosovo@giz.de , Please ensure that the subject line is labelled as: “Establishment and Provision of the Integrated Learning Centers Program – VN: 83354168”.

Only shortlisted companies / NGOs / foundations will be notified for further application procedures!