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Balkans Policy Research Group - BPRG

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+381 38 235 005

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Public Call for Expression of Interest – Conceptualization and Production of Video Animations

Public Call for Expression of Interest – Conceptualization and Production of Video Animations


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Public Call for Expression of Interest – Conceptualization and Production of Video Animations

For a variety of projects and activities Balkans Policy Research Group – BPRG is inviting production companies or individual experts to express their interest to offer audio/video production services for the needs of our organisation. We are looking for a service provider (company or individual) capable to produce visual products that will present complex policy processes i.e. agreements and the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, international agreements, multilateral processes etc. in a compelling and clear way through video animations. These video animations will be used in outreach and promotion of BPRG activities and will be disseminated through a selection of communication channels including websites, social media, online platforms etc.

The required services are but are not limited to:

  1. Animations/Videos for publications
  2. Animations/Videos for Research reports
  3. Animations/Videos for Policy Articles
  4. Animations/Videos for projects
  5. Other animations/videos depending on needs of the organisation

Upon hiring, the service provider will be expected to:

  1. Provide detailed concepts/storyboards based on briefs/narratives that BPRG submits;
  2. Provide detailed timelines with specific deadlines for audio/video production;
  3. Be able to adhere to strict timelines set forth in the planning and contract;
  4. Be able to work with a fast pace and deliver high quality, high standard modern animations/videos containing infographics, animations, voice-over, textual and other visually attractive elements;
  5. Be ready and open for multiple reviewing, revisions and amendments over the course of the production process;
  6. Be able to work and cooperate under high pressure;
  7. Be able to adhere to the specific contact requests as they will be stated in the contract upon selection of the service provider;
  8. Be open minded and collaborative;
  9. Be able to produce informative and visually attractive animations/videos with a clear-cut message.

To qualify for the service, companies or persons must:

  • Be legally registered;
  • Provide proof such as samples, references and portfolios of previous work of animation/video production;
  • Be able to provide the services in a professional and timely manner with highest possible standards.

All interested companies must present the following for qualification process:

  1. A company/organisation profile or expert CV;
  2. Legal documents proving the company/organisation or expert is a legally registered entity;
  3. Documentation of previous work/portfolio of the company/organisation/expert;
  4. Capacities of the staff of the company/organisation (CV’s);
  5. Provide separate financial offers for 1 animation/video, 3 animations/videos, 5 animations/videos, 10 animations/videos, 15 animations/videos and 20 animations/videos;
  6. A motivation letter indicating why the company/expert should be selected to offer the services.

The required application with all relevant document should be sent to office@balkansgroup.org no later than 01-06-2020 COB with the subject line Expression of Interest for Audio/Video Production Services.

Balkans Policy Research Group - BPRG is a Non-governmental organisation working on state consolidation, regional cooperation, peace and EU integration for Kosovo and the Western Balkans countries. It has become a leading non-governmental organisation (NGO) with substantial impact on key policy changes, positively affecting the stability and functioning of the institutions, regional cooperation and the promotion of EU-related reforms. For more information on BPRG please visit www.balkansgroup.org