Grants and Subcontracts Manager

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USAID Kosovo Compete Activity


Description of Project: USAID has awarded Cardno a five-year, $16.4M contract to promote resilient, self-sustaining market systems, and to facilitate the private sector’s improved competitiveness in local, regional and global markets. Through the Compete Activity, Cardno will work to empower firms, organizations and institutions to improve market systems. The Activity will focus in three key export-oriented sectors (namely, ICT, Wood and Food processing) to sustainably increase their competitiveness. By working to address constraints across the system, the Activity will enable scalable and systemic change to occur, stimulating job creation and growth and private sector increased ability to engage in local, regional and international markets. The expected results of the Activity across all three sectors are 1) market systems are strengthened to increase sector competitiveness and 2) market actors within those market systems are more productive and competitive.

Name of PositionGrants and Subcontracts Manager

General Responsibilities


The position is responsible for overseeing and administering Compete’s grants and subcontracts funds. The Grants and Subcontracts Manager is responsible for ensuring that all procurements and grants are provided in full compliance with applicable Federal Acquisition Regulations and other USAID rules contained in relevant Automated Directives System documents, and in Compete’s Procurement Operations Manual and Grants Manual. The position maintains completes files of all documents evidencing compliance with these rules, regulations and procedures. The Compete Grants and Subcontracts Manager works with technical staff to design procurement and grant agreements that ensure that the beneficiary is accountable, that capacities to implement the Grants/Subs activities are adequate and documented, and that deliverables against which payment can be claimed are clearly defined and appropriately timed. The position cooperates closely with Sector Leads, the Operations and Finance Director and Finance Manager to ensure that no advances are made prior to fulfilment of all conditions.
Specific Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Supervise and administer all activities of the Grants and Subcontracts funds;
  • Establish standard operating procedures that fulfil all of the requirements of Compete’s Procurement Operations Manual and Grants Manual, to be followed by Compete staff, implementing partners and beneficiaries;
  • Lead drafting and provide input into the Compete Grants Manual;
  • Ensure that no disbursements are made from Compete bank accounts for procurements or grants unless all prior evaluation, documentary and delivery requirements are fulfilled;
  • Establish and maintain complete documentary records on all grants and procurements in electronic and/or hard copy, as required;
  • Provide input for weekly, quarterly and annual reports, and assist in the preparation of the annual work plans;
  • Oversees grant implementation;
  • Helps establish grant selection criteria;
  • Monitors implementation of subcontracts;
  • Oversees financial and contractual requirements for subcontract partnerships and grants;
  • Facilitates an open, fair, and transparent procurement process;
  • Works with Compete team to ensure compliance with USAID rules and regulations;
  • Train and advise Compete staff on procurement and grant requirements and the capacities of prospective beneficiaries to fulfil them;
  • Collaborate with the Compete  technical staff and MEL Manager to ensure the collection and recording of quantitative and qualitative data required by Compete M&E system related to Grants/Subs.
Minimum Education RequirementUndergraduate degree or higher in finance, accounting, business or other relevant field
Minimum Professional Experience/Capabilities
  • 10+ years relevant professional experience in grants management, operations management, financial management, including some USAID project experience
  • Proven funds and grants management experience
  • Profound knowledge of USAID regulations on subcontracts, procurement, and staff engagement; quality assurance; experience training staff and partners with varying levels of knowledge on grants and subcontract compliance
  • Strong conceptual and communications skills in verbal presentations and writing, in both local language and English
Period of PerformanceSeptember 2022 - August 2025 (Contract reviewed on an annual basis)
Level of Effort100%, full-time (260 days per year)
SupervisorChief of Party
Supervisory roleGrants and Subcontracts Assistant/s


To apply please submit your CV and a one-page cover letter in English.

Please send the requested documents electronically to the following email:

All submissions must be received on or before Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

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