Legal Consultant on Workforce Development Policy Reform

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Legal Consultant on Workforce Development Policy Reform

Location: Pristina, Kosovo

Who We Are:

IREX is a global development and education organization. We strive for a more just, prosperous, and inclusive world—where individuals reach their full potential, governments serve their people, and communities thrive. With a projected annual portfolio of more than $100 million and more than 600 staff worldwide, we work with partners in more than 100 countries in four areas essential to progress: cultivating leaders, empowering youth, strengthening institutions, and increasing access to quality education and information.

Background of Private Sector-Led Workforce Development Activity in Kosovo:

The USAID Private Sector-Led Workforce Development Activity (PSWD) in Kosovo, further referred to as the Activity or PSWD, aims to harness the private sector's leadership to build sustainable and innovative models to develop the Kosovo workforce in three sectors: Agribusiness, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and Wood Processing. One of the first activities of the PSWD was the establishment of the Sector Workforce Councils for the three sectors, which are led by the selected sector Associations.[1] Their role is to unite the private sector, educators, government, diaspora, civil society organizations, and donors, aiming to define sector workforce development needs and support workforce development solutions. To lead the dialogue and advocacy with the government, one of the main activities of each sector Council is to prepare a Policy Action Plan, which will be developed and managed by the Policy Working Groups (PWG). There will be a PWG for each target sector, composed of selected members of the Council.

Summary of Responsibilities:

IREX seeks a qualified legal consultant who will work with the Activity and the Policy Working Groups of each Council to conduct a mapping of the workforce development policy landscape. This will inform the development of the Policy Action Plan, one for each target sector, to lead the dialogue with the government on policy reform and advocacy. Based on the workforce needs to be identified and articulated by the private sector, the consultant will work with each Policy Working Group to identify the policy gaps that need to be improved or changed, or to propose new policies that will support workforce development. The consultant will also review programs, frameworks, laws, by-laws, and new initiatives of the Government in focus sectors, aiming to assess the potential for alignment with the activities of the Councils in workforce development solutions support. “Policies” may include new or reformed government documents, including any additions, changes, or replacement of pre-existing government systems, regulations, standards, by-laws, procedures, and practices related to workforce development in focus sectors in Kosovo. The consultant will support PWGs to draft policy changes to be proposed to the Government.

Below are the main consultant responsibilities:

  1. Review of the workforce development policy landscape developed by the Activity for the three target sectors

The consultant will work with the Activity and the PWGs to review and complete the policy landscape document, which was developed by the Activity, and which lays out policies relevant to workforce development in the focus sectors of the Activity. The same document will inform Councils about the legal landscape of operating, including possibilities to support workforce and private sector development.

  1. Develop the scope of work (SoW) of the three Policy Working Groups

Policy Working Groups operate within the Councils and will serve as the link of dialogue and advocacy on policy reforms deriving from the Councils with the Government’s relevant institutions. The consultant will work with the Activity and each Council Lead to develop the scope of work of each policy working group, ensuring that they align with the goals and expectations of each Council.

  1. Develop the Policy Action Plan for the three sector Councils.

The consultant will work with each PWG to develop the Workforce Development Policy Action Plan, identify workforce development policy constraints, and draft policy reforms to be proposed to the relevant government institutions. The consultant will inform PWG of the new policies or initiatives of the Government. The Policy Action Plan serves the Councils as the base document on the dialogue with the Government on reforms related to the workforce development proposals articulated and supported by the Councils.

  1. Assess and outline feasible options for the Law on Industrial Councils

To ensure that beyond the Activity’s implementation period, the Sector Workforce Councils are inclusive, financially sustainable, and will continue their operations, the Activity will work with the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Trade (MIET) to draft the Law on Industrial Councils. The consultant will work with the Activity, Council Leads, PWGs, and GoK representatives to assess, identify, and propose legal actions which support such efforts. For this purpose, the consultant will draft a detailed assessment to outline and justify such options.

The consultant will also support the Activity in other legal-related matters to contribute to the “enabling environment” effort to workforce development policies and regulations in focus sectors.

This consultancy is expected to include up to 40 days of effort distributed from July 15th, 2023, to September 30th, 2024.

Required qualifications and experience:

  • A Master's degree in legal studies, preferably related to business law, public administration, law and government, workforce development policies, or another relevant field.
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in policy reforms and advocacy with the Government.
  • Experience in working with Government institutions and other relevant bodies, in reviewing and drafting government programs, frameworks, laws, by-laws, and other pieces of policy, preferably related to workforce and private sector development.
  • Experience in working to establish or support the functioning of similar bodies such Sector Workforce Council is preferable.
  • Familiarity with the challenges and opportunities in the sectors of ICT, Agribusiness, and Wood Processing is preferable.
  • Knowledge of international best practices and standards in the field of the private sector and workforce development.
  • Excellent analytical, writing, and communication skills in English.
  • Ability to work effectively with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Proven track record of delivering high-quality consultancy services on time and within budget.

Expected deliverables:

  1. Review of the workforce development policy landscape developed by the Activity for the three target sectors.
  2. Develop the scope of work (SoW) of the three Policy Working Groups.
  3. Develop the Policy Action Plan for the three sector Councils.

  1. Assess and outline feasible options for the Law on Industrial Councils, and support PSWD in other activities related to the operation and functioning of the sector Councils.

Mode of engagement:

The consultant will coordinate activities with the PSWD, PWGs, and relevant Council Leads in person and/or remotely.

Application submission instructions:

  1. CV that emphasizes relevant experience for this assignment.

Please include the country where you are currently located as well as countries/regions where you have experience and relevant language skills.

2. Cover Letter: Please submit a cover letter briefly outlining general information about the consultant, limited to 2 pages or less.

  • Brief consultant profile.
  • Proposed daily rate.
  • Indicate a rough schedule of availability.

Use link to apply. This position is open until filled. For best consideration, apply by 20 June 2023.

[1] The Associations of Fruits and Vegetables of Kosovo (PePeKo)

The Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK)

The Association of Wood Processors of Kosovo (AWPK)

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